Kiwanis Club of Charles Town, WV

Kids need Kiwanis. Kiwanis needs you.

Our name is derived from a Native American phrase–“NunKee-wan-is”–meaning, “to make oneself known.” The word was adopted by a group of Detroit businessmen for their service club and was chartered under that name by the state of Michigan in 1914. Due to the strength of the organization’s constitutional objectives, Kiwanis Clubs multiplied throughout the nation and eventually throughout the world. Charles Town’s club was organized in 1926 and over the years has established an impressive legacy of service and more than a few unusual accomplishments which could not have been met without its donor network of local businesses, municipal contributors, civic organizations, and individuals.

Throughout the Charles Town club’s existence, many mottos have been used to define the Kiwanis objective: “We Build,” “Children, Priority One,” “One Child, One Community at a Time,” to name a few. They all speak of service to children and leadership development for the community. Essentially they speak to the future. That is the club’s objective, however you say it. If you are inspired, we welcome your membership in the Charles Town Kiwanis Club. We promise you opportunities to help children in need and the satisfaction of building bridges to the future.

** The contents of this article were derived from an article written by Kiwanis member, Penny Fuller and published by The Spirit of Jefferson in June of 2014. **

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